Church and theism

I am a Methodist

Methodism is one of the major denominations of Christianity. I was brought up in a Methodist family, was baptised as an infant in Edinburgh Methodist Mission, and became a member of Edinburgh Methodist Mission in my teens at the first opportunity. In 2008, four Edinburgh Methodist congregations merged to form City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, and so I am now a member there.

I sing in the church choir; I deputise at the organ; I play the piano for Sunday evening services; for several years I volunteered in The Well, our church café; and for many years I taught in Breakout, our Sunday school.

These are a selection of presentations that I wrote for the oldest Breakout group (age 12 to 16) for teaching and discussion:

These are talks that I have given to the adult congregation, where I have more freedom to express my own views:

During 2020 and 2021 when we were unable to use our church building because of the Covid‐19 pandemic, I prepared videos of hymns and other musical items for our online worship. These are a representative selection:

This was my lead for a house group:

And these are two lighter pieces: