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Go Forth and Tell

Go Forth and Tell

I am Musical Director and Organist at City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, and for many years before I was appointed I played the piano for the evening services and deputised at the organ for morning services as required. Often for the closing voluntary I will play an improvisation on the closing hymn. Occasionally I will prepare the “improvisation” as a composition. That has two advantages: it will sound more polished, and I can reuse it.

Here is one such “composed improvisation”. It is based on the hymn tune Go Forth by Michael Bauchen, which is used for the hymn Go Forth and Tell by J E Seddon. I first played it on organ, and this recording is of a piano version.

Hymn tune, Go Forth
Composed improvisation, Go Forth and Tell

The musical score is openly licensed via CC BY‐NC‐ND 4.0. Broadly that means you are welcome, free of charge, to download, print and perform the score, and to share it unadapted (as pdf, or as a paper copy), for non‐commercial purposes.