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Narrow Road

Narrow Road


Neighbours on the Narrow Road is a hymn written by Dr Margaret Batty, who was a member at City of Edinburgh Methodist Church. She kindly asked me to write a tune for it. I wrote two tunes, and asked her to choose between them. She chose the tune I had named Narrow Road.


This recording was made by Octave, a small choir (10 voices) in which I sang. The organ backing is synthesised. I thank Margaret for her permission to show the words and to use the recording on this web page.

Words of hymn, “Neighbours on the Narrow Road”

  1. Neighbours on the narrow road,
    Stumbling where our Master trod,
    As we take each other’s hand
    Know we’re in the hands of God.

  2. When I’ve fallen on the way,
    Bruised and lost in self‐despair,
    Will you hearten me to walk
    Trusting in our Father’s care?

  3. Daily strength we shall receive:
    This, the Holy Spirit’s gift,
    Grows in each when shared with all –
    Let me then your burden lift.

  4. God is watching all our steps,
    Willing nothing but our good,
    Present, though our eyes be blind,
    In the mist and fire and flood.

  5. When we reach the final hill,
    And our Father’s call await,
    We are certain of his love;
    Neighbour, let us celebrate!

Margaret Batty (1927–2016)

Printed score

Here is the printed score. Please observe copyright on the words.